Data Centres

Antiburglary high security for crucial sites with access control systems

The "Cloud" also needs physical security

We live in a historical period where virtuality is beginning to take more and more space in our daily activities (even physical ones). Much of our data, pics, documents and information are stored in databases, physically placed in Datacenters.

There are two types of Datacentre: the specialized company whose primary business is storing data for thousands of companies in the world, and the small Datacentre located in any company (this second type is more common, many companies have an internal database room). In both cases, the protection of those data is vital. It would therefore provide maximum security to access to those rooms or areas. In addition, it would need top-level access control (electronic keys, biometric data readings, etc.).

Over the years CoMETA has also specialized in security solutions for Datacenter with professional access control. We have seen a growing increase in data protection. Companies want to feel protected from misleading use by employees, industrial espionage or terrorist acts that could at any time create irreparable damage by destroying Terabyte of data, financial transactions, confidential documents, etc.

Why wait when will be too late? Prevention is better than cure. Let's start thinking today how to protect our company, office, home with physical security.

Products and solutions for Datacentres:

Security Portals with interlocking doors

  • Classic Interlocking Security Portals, square base (details >)
  • Cylinder Interlocking Security Portals, round base (details >)
  • Panorama Interlocking Security Portals, ellipse base (details >)
  • Hal Moon Interlocking Security Portals, semi-circular base (details >)
  • Crystal Interlocking Security Portals, armored glass body (details >)

Anti-burglary Portals

  • Biometric Filter, armored portal (details)
  • Swinging-sliding Portal (details >)
  • Sliding doors Portal

Anti-burglary Doors