Bulletproof, anti-burglary and access control solutions

CoMETA has been manufacturing high security systems since 1986, complete and innovative solutions specifically designed as anti-burglary and access control advanced systems. CoMETA offers a wide range of solutions that cover all application markets: offices and public buildings, industry, banks, embassies, courts, congress centers, prisons, banks, airports, railway stations, shopping centers, schools, sports stadiums, data centers, gyms, museums, etc.

Following the evolution of security world, CoMETA has focused its attention on giving effective and always cutting-edge answers that go beyond the concept of "product", trying to offer real integrated security solutions. Concrete answers to the customer needs, with long-term total-reliability.

Interlocking Security Portals | Security Booths | Emergency Exits | Access Control Systems | Safety Vault Portals | Self-Banking Areas solutions | Biometric Systems | Armored Doors | Armored Panels/Wall | Security Systems Centralization Units | Etc.