Internal Departments

Organizational Chart and Departments

Solidity and efficiency of a company can also be measured by internal organizational structure, by its areas of specialization, by those dedicated to R&D, as well as those aimed to communication, marketing and customer care (after-sales support).

Organizational Chart

The organization chart provides a quick and complete view of the internal organizational structure.


Research and Development, commonly referred as R&D, it refers to the company areas dedicated to technological innovation, developed internally with the aim of:

  • Improving the products
  • Upgrading products and solutions
  • Creating new production lines
  • Developping new projects
  • Optimizing internal processes
  • Optimizing people activities
  • Etc.

US statistics show that top companies spend about 3-4% of its turnover in R&D. Many companies in the technology sector arrive up to 7%. Such investments are necessary to remain competitive on the market but also to develop innovative products and give continuity to production and sales.

CoMETA has always been investing a lot in R&D, about 3% of Group turnover. Today with a special focus on mechatronics solutions.

We yearly invest 3% of Group turnover in Research & Development.