Co730 Face Temperature Detecion


The Face Temperature Detection solution allows real-time temperature screening in subjects in transit in order to determine potential febrile states, the main symptom of viral infections.

The general temperature of a person’s skin does not correspond to his internal temperature. The point of the body more practical and reliable (where the surface temperature approaches that of the body) is the corner of the eyes, where the duct tear comes to the surface. It is enough for the subject to look into the camera for less than a second. Since the higher temperature corresponds to the angle of the eye, even the presence of a mask or hat does not influence the measurement.

During the transit phase through the two interlocked doors, the user is guided by voice synthesis messages. The temperature measurement starts from the opening of the external door and will continue for a programmable period of time (in which the system performs face detection and thermal measurement). If the user has a normal body temperature, he obtains consent to complete the transit, otherwise the system prohibits the opening of the second door. An integrated monitor located near the internal door allows viewing of the framed face. Access is authorized only if a feverish state of the subject is not detected, that is a possible indicator of a bacterial or viral infection.

The natural location of the Face Temperature Detection system is inside two interlocked doors / accesses and its aim is to prevent the transit of people with potential feverish states. The system works in full efficiency when installed inside a safety cabin (portal) and is more effective if the cabin is equipped with a single passage checking system.

Product features

  • High operational reliability
  • Central processing unit integrated in the cabin
  • Dual technology IP camera: thermal module and visible module
  • Thermal module with 320x240 resolution with accuracy below ± 0.3°C
  • 4Mpixels visual module for overlapping details visible on thermal image
  • Real time analysis with Face Detection for hot source discrimination in the scene
  • Monitor: Active matrix TFT integrated in the cabin
  • Complies with safety standards for the detection of febrile states
  • Audio: voice synthesis with custom alarms
  • Reporting: failure self-diagnostics and log files generation
  • User Interface: Ethernet (TCP-IP)
  • Operating mode: enabling/disabling from cab console
  • Programming: configuration, maximum detection time
  • 4 digital inputs and 3 relay outputs for installation in third party devices