Unipass system

Controlled and unique access

The Unipass System is an access control device that guarantees the unique-passage (one person at a time, controlled by systems adopted).

Unipass limits the passage to one person at a time and is generally installed on restricted access rooms (Safe Areas).

Unipass is the ideal solution because:

  • It can be installed on existing solutions (no additional costs, no planning)
  • It can be installed on exterior and interior side, with right or left opening
  • Born as integration to the Co155 Armored Door (CoMETA) is also configurable for other types of armored doors
  • It's an anti-hostage system
  • It's equipped with a closing spring and automatic lock reset
  • It's an additional security system that slows the action of thieves down (and facilitates the intervention of Police)
  • It's equipped with Anti-Faint Emergency button (internal)
  • It is equipped with Emergency Alarm (internal)
  • Unlockable door in case of emergency (with 900mm free passage)