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CoMETA firmly believes in the principles of collaboration and common goals sharing. The strength of a company is also measured by the companies connected or ones it tied a partnership with. Joint activities, cooperation, exchange of knowhow, mix of products for new solutions development. Collaboration on support services. Partnership is all this and it is an integral part of a company's success.

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CoMETA has chosen CEIA as its sole partner for Metal Detectors supply. They are integrated in the structures of: Interlocking Security Portals, Security Systems, Revolving Doors, and so on.

CEIA is market leader in security metal detectors. CEIA’s solutions allow the realization of technologically advanced products, with high reliability.

More details about CEIA:

ANIMA Confindustria

CoMETA is an associate company of ANIMA Confindustria (Italian Federation of National Associations of the Mechanical Industry), it is the industrial organization of category that linked to Confindustria represents the mechanical companies, a sector that employs 213,000 people with a turnover of over 46.7 billion Euros and an export/turnover share of 57.9% (year 2017).

ANIMA was founded in 1914, today the Federation has more than 60 associations and product groups and has more than 1000 member companies, among the most qualified in their respective production sectors.

CoMETA collaborates with ANIMA, which in turn offers its support for the following activities:

  • Collaboration with institutions that deal with the creation of sector regulations
  • Enhancement of Italian mechanical products in Italy and abroad
  • Establishment of partnerships with other associations or federations
  • Development of technical, scientific and economic collaboration between members
  • Promoting consultative and operational cooperation between associations
  • Development of inter-associative synergies on institutional, technical and regulatory work tables, domestic and foreign

CoMETA has a profile on ANIMA website: see CoMETA profile >

ANIE Sicurezza

CoMETA is a member company of ANIE Federation, one of the major organizations of the Confindustria system, it currently has over 1300 member companies from the electrical engineering and electronics sectors. CoMETA constantly collaborates with the ANIE Security (Building Security and Automation) division.

ANIE plays a leading role in technological and regulatory supervision by promoting initiatives aimed at standardizing products and systems, bringing know-how and competence to the decision-making processes of the institutions who deal with the regulations, in Italy and Europe.

Les membres de l'ANIE représentent 30% des dépenses privées en recherche et innovation investies annuellement en Italie. CoMETA has its own profile on ANIE website: see CoMETA profile >

OSSIF - ABI Servizi

CoMETA cooperates with OSSIF and supports them with specific knowledge and expertise because CoMETA is one of the leading manufacturers and experts of physical security solutions.

OSSIF is the Italian Research Centre on Security against Crime, it is directly linked to ABI (Italian Banking Association) and its mission is to support banks in choosing effective anti-crime strategies, following current regulations, technological innovations gained in Europe and internationally and monitoring the exposure to predatory risks.

In particular, OSSIF carries out periodic research for banks, companies and institutional stakeholders on the subject of security and crime prevention. In this sense CoMETA is one of the main contributors about the annual report on "security for the banking branch" with a focus on innovative solutions for access control. ABI and OSSIF use this report for the booklet publication, distributed throughout the year at events and courses.

CoMETA has its own profile on the OSSIF website: see CoMETA profile >


ISON SRL is the CoMETA Group's production management company, for integrated security systems. It manages all the production process, from the incoming materials control to the shipping, passing by implementation, assembly and customization.

The company has a Division specialized in "Mechatronics" (integrated systems related to mechanical and electronic solutions).


CICoS is a Consortium of Technical Support Centres, specialized in security and founded by CoMETA in 1999. It has an important role because provides about installations, assistance, after-sales support, maintenance activities on all Italian regions. A professional and fast response of assistance with a considerable number of technicians in all Italy.

For more information on CICoS:

Bussole Italiane S.A.

Official Supplier for Central America, with headquarters and assistence centre in San Francisco, Panama. CoMETA reinforced the partnership with Bussole Italiane S.A. in these last years, increasing marketing activities and sales support.

For further information: