Covid-19 Prevention Devices

Access control systems with recognition facial, body temperature measurement, mask use detection and people counting with simultaneous access restriction

CoMETA has created a technology department to meet the new requirements for public safety, giving the possibility to structures and entities with high flow of people a greater control on.

We offer a wide range of solutions, from the most specific access control to the simplest protection of the person with certified PPE.

Co730 Face Temperature Detection provides extremely accurate and non-contact temperature measurements. An excellent additional security system for access control. Ideal for any type of access to protect public health.

Co 730.02.01 Bi-spectrum Thermoscanner that automatically detects the status of the user's body temperature when entering the access control system. Its main function is to prevent access to users with temperature above the allowed threshold.

Face Analyst: fast, accurate and intuitive device, Face Analyst allows the immediate automatic detection of temperature and the presence of the mask in subjects in transit, so as to determine potential fever states, the main symptom of viral infections.

The front thermometer uses the infrared reception principle to measure body temperature. During use, simply aim the probe at the frontal position and from 1 to 5 cm away from the measuring side, the human body temperature can be measured quickly and accurately.

Protective visor printed in 3D, plays the role of barrier, at the same time it must have ergonomic and practical features to facilitate the work of the person wearing it. Built with lightweight material so as not to tire the operator during even prolonged use, it ensures optimal visibility.