Termoscanner Bi-spectrum

Access control system with body temperature measurement and mask use detection

The Termoscanner Bi-Spectrum camera allows the immediate assessment of the body temperature status of the user entering the access control. Its main function is to prevent access to users with temperature above the allowed threshold.

Its natural application is to two interlocked doors/accesses. The system integrates with all other technologies in CoMETA controlled accesses such as: Biometrics, Anti-masking, Metal detectors and Passage Uniqueness.

According to the selected settings, it can also have the function of mask use detection or anti-masking and access limitation to the room to the expected number of people (settable).

Product features

  • Image Sensor: Vanadium Oxide Micro Bolometer
  • Max. resolution: 160 x 120 [the output image resolution is 320 x 240
  • Spectral range: 8 μm - 14 μm
  • Lens [Focal Length]: 3.1 mm
  • Min. focusing distance: 0.2 m
  • Opening: F1.1
  • Resolution Max. Picture: 2688 X 1520
  • Image Sensor: 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Day & Night: Automatically removable IR filter
  • Bi-spectrum Image Fusion: Combines the thermal display with the details of the visible optics
  • Picture in Picture: Combines the PIP [Picture in Picture] details of thermal and optical image, superimposes the thermal image on the optical image.
  • Video Content Analysis: Al Face Detection
  • Temperature measurement: Face temperature measurement detected
  • Temperature range: 30 °C - + 45 °C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5°C
  • Minimum Difference Detected: 0.1°C
  • IR Distance: Up to 15 m
  • IR Intensity and direction: Automatically adjustable