Safe Control Systems

Control Units for Security electric locks and Time Lock / Time Delay

safe room locks solutions, timelocks and time delay locksOver the years CoMETA has created a wide range of components which have helped the integrated security systems evolution, able to meet needs of banks, jewelleries, financial institutions, post-offices, companies, datacenters, airports, etc.. CoMETA developed solid and reliable "Safes Control Systems" (with remote-control of many Solenoid Bolts and Locks, everywhere, at the same time).

A protected remote-control for:

  • Security Drawers
  • Security Cabinets
  • Armored Systems
  • Safes
  • Time Lock /Delay Systems
  • Security Electric Locks with automatic relock
  • etc.


Thanks to a specific CoMETA solution, you can create interactions between different security systems installed. The implementation of each single system in a network allows a real centralization; a good solution to solve common difficulty of controlling installed systems from a unique point, possibly by console or tablet (remotely).

  • Co710: Professional Contro Unit for Locks Safes management (details >)
  • Co276: Micro Control Unit for Locks Safes management (details >)
  • CoN730: Keyboard with Time Lock / Time Delay system (details >)
  • CoN954: Satellite for Safes (details >)