Assistance on installations, technical support, maintenance, software upgrades

Customer Satisfaction first of all. CoMETA well knows the importance of pre- and post-sales services and offers its technicians, engineers, salesmen and specialists for support and assistance about:

  • Design activities (for custom solutions)
  • Sales support
  • Custom Projects
  • Installation and Maintenance Guaranteed by CoMETA Authorized Service Centers
  • Advice on the proper use and installation of products and systems
  • Assistance on installations in use
  • Help-line
  • Technical support on site
  • Software Updates
  • Training Courses for Installers

Technical Support: +39 055 8070332 (Headquarters, Florence)

TSC Technical Service Centers

Technical support on site and product installation are guaranteed by the TSC Service Network (Technical Support Centers, distributed throughout Italy, islands included).

The TSC Service Network is managed through the CICoS (Italian Consortium of CoMETA Solvers), a network of professional security assistance centers, ensuring a precise and fast response to local support calls. Established in 1999, CICoS is a proven network based on the experience gained over the years. Companies linked come from the security sector and they guarantee high professionality, efficiency and concrete results. More informations:

New project request and quotation

Do you need more information about your design idea? Do you need a design sketch, from an internal engineer, containing particular products?

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Assistance on installation and maintenance

If you need assistance or maintenance on a product or system or a CoMETA solution you can contact us:

Technical Service: +39 055 8070332 (Italy)

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Software upgrades

Do you need a CoMETA system or solution upgrade?

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