High attention to customer needs on project single details

We talk about a new generation of "customizations", not just structure, color or size changes, but the use of a combination of smart devices, mechatronic systems and data analysis that allow to get innovative visions of security and safety. Many solutions but controlled by single Control Unit: from accesses and security gates control to biometric systems and security devices management.

100% Made in Italy

CoMETA designs, produces, customizes and assembles every single product and system in its Headquarters near Florence (Italy).

100% Made in Italy: design, production and/or system assembly. CoMETA wants to be synonymous of the highest quality and reliability, so we have chosen to keep every production step in Italy. This allows us to get:

  • Full control of all phases
  • Better relationship with suppliers
  • A finished product highest quality
  • High responsiveness to market changes
  • Quick customizations
  • Brand Building and Awareness

What customizations

CoMETA can offer a wide range of customizations, both regarding solution details as well as structure modifications. CoMETA is well known in the Security sector for designing and implementing "100% customized solutions" . This is possible because each single piece/product production process is managed centrally from CoMETA headquarters in Florence, where are placed departments, highly specialized in:

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics/IT
  • Mechatronics
  • Prototyping
  • Testing

Over the years, thousands of customizations have been developed, also deep modifications, which have significantly altered the standard industrial project.