Why choose us

Total reliability, wide range of solutions, high quality

CoMETA S.p.A. operates in the field of electronics and mechanics applied to security since 1986. Today offers a wide range of solutions: professional electric locks, security portals with interlocking doors system, emergency exits certified for escape routes, armored doors, security revolving doors, swinging-sliding portals, access control systems with badge readers, biometric acquisition systems (fingerprints, face detection), metal detectors, values protection systems, safe room management systems, security shutters, etc.

CoMETA is also expanding to foreign markets, thanks to the contribution of CoMETA France in Paris and new partnerships with security specialized distributors for Africa, Middle Est and Asia markets. The diffusion and promotion of our products are granted through our marketing departments, qualified salesforce, a group of agents and a worldwide network of authorized distributors.

Over the years CoMETA aimed for very high quality service, to offer 360° security solutions. The know-how and experience acquired over the years give our staff a high professional value.

In order to grant the product high quality value, CoMETA offers full support to customers through its network of qualified Service Centers, also providing technical assistance and training courses.

Quality first

Concrete customer care and high quality products, that's how CoMETA became one of the security market leaders.

We firmly believe in these two values and they helped us to gain high level of respect and trust from customers, collaborators and suppliers. Discover the CoMETA Group >

Important Italian and European banking institutions, as well as retail, service and industry markets companies has been preferring the CoMETA solutions for tens of years.

  • Very high quality
  • Top reliability and durability of product
  • Custom solutions
  • 100% Made in Italy

Many efforts and investments made over the years have given CoMETA a high loyalty level today, which contributes daily to consolidate CoMETA brand on the market, affirming CoMETA as one of the leading international producers for security & safety solutions.

For over 30 years, in Italy and worldwide

CoMETA has been designing and producing security solutions for over 30 years. Today, thanks to the success achieved, it is also expanding to foreign markets.

Thanks to the contribution of CoMETA France (based in Paris, which deals with sales and technical support for French-speaking countries), but also of Bussole Italiane S.A. in Panama and many other partners and distributors in America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. The CoMETA Group is becoming an important "world security solutions producer".

CoMETA designs, produces, assembles and manages all its products and solutions directly in its Florence Headquarter. CoMETA products are 100% Made in Italy.

CoMETA is the ideal provider of "security solutions" to serve markets all over the world. What do you think to become a CoMETA partner or distributor? Find out how >

ITALY: (see Contacts >)

  • Headquarters (research, development, manufacturing)
    CoMETA S.p.A. Florence - Italy
  • Milan Unit
    CoMETA Milan - Italy
  • Padua Unit
    CoMETA Padua - Italy

ABROAD: (see Contacts >)

  • Service & Distribution Center (for French Speaking Countries)
    CoMETA France, Paris – France


CoMETA has always been at the forefront of excellence, the highest level of quality in the production of all its integrated solutions or mechatronic systems (mechanical + electronic). The main purpose is to offer the customer: maximum security and long-term concrete solutions.

The corporate payoff on our logo reads: "Reliable security", that's real.

Reliability, quality, loyalty, honesty, here are the values on which CoMETA has always believed on for its work. Thanks to these values CoMETA has been able to create important relationships with customers and partners, growing its business to Africa, Middle East, Asia and America (USA and Central-South America).

"Reliable Security" to guarantee the highest quality and honesty in work and finished product.

Service quality / completed works

CoMETA has always paid great attention to the level of quality offered, from the choice of the best production materials to keeping delivery times in line with the commitments made. The table below shows the excellent trend in terms of evasion of commitments from July 2017 to June 2018, with an average of about 95% of commitments completed per week.

In blue: fully completed commitments
Red: partially completed commitments
Green: outstanding commitments


All the certifications constitute a valid reference point for those who demand high performance, quality and reliability. CoMETA achieved important international certifications.

Corporate certifications: ISO 9001 certified quality system, ISO 45001:2018 safety and health at work, ISO 14001 environmental management system (see details >).

Products certifications: the CoMETA products are always tested by an internal department, but for getting resistance certifications are also tested by external Qualified Organizations.

Anti-burglary levels are tested in accordance with UNI standards, on external structure, glass, security lock, and protection elements.

Important certifications as high performance guarantee.


CoMETA S.p.A. installed more than 43,000 products over the past 10 years. Today, it offers a full range of security & safety solutions like few companies in the world have.

Specifically, CoMETA boasts 26 product families:

  • Professional Electric Locks
  • Solenoid Bolts
  • Electromagnets
  • Values Protection Drawers/Cabinets
  • Metal Detectors
  • Security Interlocking Door Portals (square base)
  • Security Interlocking Door Portals (round base)
  • Security Interlocking Door Portals (ellipse base)
  • Security Interlocking Door Portals (half moon base)
  • Manual Interlocking Doors Portals
  • Security Interlocking Doors Portals (glass body)
  • High Security Armored Portals
  • Safe Management Systems
  • Security Revolving Doors
  • Security Swinging-sliding Portals
  • Armored Doors
  • Emergency Exits
  • Escape Route / Emergency Systems
  • Turnstiles (half-height)
  • Turnstiles (full-height)
  • High Flow Security Gates
  • Transparent Security Shutters
  • Armored Modular Panels (wall)
  • Security Showcase Locks
  • Interlocking Doors Systems
  • Self-banking Systems
  • Anti-skimming / anti-cloning Systems
  • Access Control Systems (RFid, NFC, etc.)
  • Fingerprints acquisition Systems
  • Face Detection Systems
  • Security Systems Centralization Units
  • Accessories: Portal's Console, Traffic Light Panels, Keyboards, etc.

More than 43.000 products installed during last 10 years.