Safe Area

Value protection area

CoMETA offers a wide range of access management solutions, security and creation of real Safe Areas.

The Safe Area is becoming crucial in many sectors, not just in the classic ones like finance, banks, post offices, embassies, but also in offices and companies, warehouses, sports centers, stadiums, gyms, congress centers, hotels, etc. The increase of terrorist attacks, burglaries, robberies and organized crime impose more attention to security systems to implement.

In bank and post offices, the Safe Area is an armored room with secure access where the ATMs (money loading side) and / or value protection drawers are present, but is obviously also the room with the Safe. Companies in general use the Safe Area as protected zone where sensitive data archives and the safe are located. But also to protect the data centre room with rack cabinets.

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In other areas such as sport- congress-centers, stadiums, hotels, etc. the Safe Area is usually an armored room with secure access (with badge, NFC, fingerprint, face detection, etc.), used for:

  1. Values Protection (security): Money, Documents, Data, etc.
  2. IT architecture protection (physical security + cyber security)
  3. People Protection (safety): anti-burglary, anti-terrorism refuge

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