Swinging-sliding Portal Co158.S (Strong)

Self-supporting Portal with reinforced swinging-sliding door leaves and bulletproof glass

Innovative Security Portal with reinforced door leaves and bulletproof glass. Modern design, it offers a large and safe entrance. Self-supporting structure which allows to install the Portal in fully glazed façades without the need of vertical jambs connected to the ceiling.

  1. Removable solution, it is available in separate parts for on-site assembling. Ideal solution for: company entrances, offices, banks, retail shops, airports, congress centers, museums, etc. It easily manages high flows of people (self-managed, with opening/closing high-speed).
  2. Compliance as an Emergency Exit: designed to be a standard "Emergency Exit", it can be used as an escape-route door
  3. Wide passage: designed for a passage of 1150 mm. This allows an easy flow for people even in case of wheelchairs.
  4. Reinforced door leaves: glass framed on 4 sides and swinging-sliding opening system
  5. Bullet proof glass: laminated 20/21mm glass, BR2/S according to EN 1063 and anti-burglary P6B according to EN 356.

Available versions:

Co158.S (Strong) "with framed leaves": bulletproof glass framed on all 4 sides.

Co158.L (Light) "with unframed leaves": bulleproof glass framed only on 3 sides.

Product features

  • Structure: self-supporting structure, it can be assembled directly on-site, painted steel, with automatic swinging-sliding leaves (motorized)
  • Dimensions: W 1630 x D 525 x H 2280 mm
  • Passage: W 1150 x H 2106 mm
  • Weight: roughly 650 Kg according to the version and additional options
  • Power supply: 230V (110 V on request), 50/60 Hz
  • Voltage: 12-24 V.c.c. with back-up batteries for uninterrupted operations in case of power loss (up to 100 cycles)
  • Door opening time: adjustable from 1,5s to 4s
  • Painting and finishing: RAL colors code range standards with "orange skin" finishing (flat finishing, stainless steel execution and other colors on request)
  • Glass: doors equipped with 20/21 mm laminated glass rated BR2/S and P6B (different glass thickness on request)
  • Glass lights: glass with internal LED lights, visible on the edge
  • Movement: 24 V.d.c. electric-motors assisted sliding-doors movement with reversible option for manual opening in case of total power loss
  • Electronic: microprocessor based electronics
  • 2 Emergency Push Buttons: on internal/protected side for automatic unblocking
  • Accidental prevention measures: self-adjusted braking, speed control and accident prevention devices
  • Portal Management Unit (Console with LCD display)
  • Programmable options: emergency escape/door locks; automatic/manual transit; passage one/both directions
  • Mechanical lock for additional locking during night-times
  • 4 professional electromagnets (180 kg/each holding force)
  • Traffic light panels with intercom
  • Voice message system (multilanguage, pre-recorded)
  • Easy-link to third party manufactured access control devices (RS232 - RS485 - IBIS)
  • Proxy and swipe-card and biometric readers easily added