Airport areas security and safety with professional access control systems

Improve passenger security and experience

Despite the difficulties associated with terrorist attacks and the rise of criminal actions, the medium to long-term prospects for the aviation industry are very positive. Passenger numbers are on the rise and are expected to grow steadily up to 2030, when global passenger transit will be twice as high as the current one.

All of these factors are bringing the airports to new and modern tools for the professional management of people flows, with access controls and high security levels.

CoMETA offers a wide range of aerospace products and solutions, intelligent solutions to optimize flows, improve safety levels for different access areas, improving efficiency and delivering a positive experience for passengers and operators. Custom solutions that combine an innovative approach to security management.

Highly sophisticated airport technology would read your face and your vitals and scan your bag seamlessly, all without sacrificing safety — the technology would alert authorities to suspicious travelers who need to be pulled aside. While airport technology hasn’t changed fundamentally since the 1980, the security solutions have improved constantly and today the airport is one of the most controlled public place in every single country.

Products and solutions for Airports:

Anti-burglary Portals

Anti-burglary Doors

Turnstiles & Gates

  • Half heigh Turnstile
  • Full height Turnstile
  • Speed Gate

Access Control Systems

  • Badge management/readers
  • NFC / Proximity systems readers
  • Fingerprints acquisition system (details >)
  • Anti-masking system (details >)
  • etc.

Security Portals with interlocking doors

  • Classic Interlocking Security Portals, square base (details >)
  • Cylinder Interlocking Security Portals, round base (details >)
  • Panorama Interlocking Security Portals, ellipse base (details >)
  • Hal Moon Interlocking Security Portals, semi-circular base (details >)
  • Crystal Interlocking Security Portals, armored glass body (details >)

Airport checkpoints are a constant balance of security and speed, for passengers but also for airport staff, for flight crews, shopping store workers, cleaning staff, etc. They can enter by same or different access points, they will be controlled, for sure. There is a perimetral protection line for controlling vehicles and people transit (cameras, barriers, full-height turnstiles, etc.), there are public entrances for the departure hall, shopping hall and arrival hall, but from there to all the other internal areas, everyone has to be checked and pass more control points (passport control with metal detector and x-ray scanner for passengers but security portals, turnstiles, interlocking door systems or armored doors and badge / e-key / biometrics readers for: crew, staff, workers, depending the area they want to reach).