Access Control Systems

Access Management systems and solutions

access control management systems, turnstiles, gates, interlocking doors portalsCoMETA control systems are based on intelligent devices like CoX953 with Ethernet connection with self-management of user identification.

Thanks to CoX953 devices is possible to manage the complete programming and consultation of data relating to transits and alarms that have occurred on the gates and on the local or remore readers directly managed. Moreover, for large systems is possible to perform the configuration and data aggregation coming from all terminals using a specific software installed on a central supervisor computer.

CoMETA offers many kinds of Access Control Solutions, designed to work hard seamlessly, 24/7:

  1. RFid Badge & Proximity NFC Readers
  2. Identification Keypad
  3. Fingerprints readers

These kind of solutions can be installed on Turnstiles, Gates, Interlocking Security Portals, Security Booths, Armored Doors, Security Revolving/Sliding Doors, etc.

Access Control Solutions


CoMETA installs access control systems with Web software solution integrated, cost-effective ways for monitoring access transits and intrusion detections through a single interface. A robust workstation-based management system with Web provides an intuitive browser-based interface allowing users to perform common access control actions from virtually anywhere: PC, tablet, smartphone.

  • CoP953 is a innovative Access Control Software ables to manage complex security systems with a big number of Gates, Turnstiles, Portals. A software with interesting applications like the Anti-passback System and the Remote Transits Control in real time (also by smartphone).