Public buildings

Government security solutions: public offices, schools & university, ministries, courts, prisons, museums, public hospitals, etc.

Public offices, schools, ministries, museums, courts, hospitals are places with specific need for Security (values protection) and Safety (people protection). CoMETA offers a wide range of soluzions: Security Cabins, Interlocking Doors Portals, Armored Doors, Emergency Exits, Sliding Security Doors, Revolving Security Doors, Gate, Turnstiles, Electriclocks with automatic reset, etc.

Access Control Systems (badge, Dallas Key, NFC, fingerprints, face detection, etc.) can be integrated on Security Cabins, Interlocking Doors Portals, Gates. They are a very good filter for access control to reserved areas (for example Safety Vaults, Datacenters, etc.).

CoMETA produces Control Units built for Cabins/Portals real time monitoring, but also for the centralization of security functions in a unique device.

All products can be managed by the central management system that provides remote control and supervision.

Products and solutions for Public Administration:

Security Portals with interlocking doors system

  • Classic Interlocking Security Portals, square base (dettagli >)
  • Cylinder Interlocking Security Portals, round base (dettagli >)
  • Panorama Interlocking Security Portals, ellipse base (dettagli >)
  • Hal Moon Interlocking Security Portals, semi-circular base (dettagli >)
  • Crystal Interlocking Security Portals, armored glass body (dettagli >)
  • Biometric Filter, armored portal (details)
  • Swinging-sliding Portals (details >)
  • Sliding doors Portals

Internal Protected Area

Armored Doors

Turnstiles & Gates

  • Half-height Tripod Turnstiles
  • Half-height Flag Turnstiles
  • Full-height Turnstiles
  • High Flow Speed Gates