Service Centers

Specialized centers for technical assistance on security systems

CoMETA offers a very good assistance service for all its customers thanks to TSC Network (Technical Service Centers), because these Assistance Centers are located on all Italian territory, islands included.

The TSC Network is controlled by CICoS (Italian Consorzium of CoMETA Solvers). CICoS was established on 1999 by CoMETA and today garantees a very fast and specialized technical assistance all over the Italian territory. It manages most of security systems installation and maintenance activities.

You can have more information about CICoS visiting its web site:

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Integration of the Privacy policy to provide information in case of contacts

This policy supplements the one already issued, which constitutes the Privacy Policy of the site starting from the home, published at

Dear user,

for the use of this form "Request information", where the insertion of some personal data is required, please read carefully what we are about to illustrate.

In fact, the purpose of this document is to integrate the information we have already provided you with in the privacy policy of this site, regarding the personal data that CoMETA S.p.A., as Data Controller, intends to acquire with the exclusive purpose of providing the information you intend to request from us.

Therefore, without prejudice to the information provided in the privacy policy , the personal data that we intend to acquire and ask you to provide are as follows:

  • Name and surname*, company name, postcode*, locality*, province*, telephone, VAT number, e-mail*, files sent and CV;

The data provided will be used exclusively for the purpose of responding adequately to your request and, in this sense, also for the possible sending of commercial communication and advertising material, without prejudice to the rights indicated in the information above, or quotes, technical information or other commercial material.

Furthermore, we also ask you to explain to us the subject* of the message and its content*.

Furthermore, in order to be able to process your personal data, we inform you that we also intend to acquire the following personal data::

  • the date and time references in which you have expressed your consent to the processing;
  • the IP* (Internet Protocol) address of the equipment with which you are connected;

for the sole purpose of being able to document the terminal from which consent was given, for the purpose of protecting a right in judicial or administrative proceedings, in the event of abuse or violation by the person who communicated the e-mail address.

Finally, if the inserted texts have offensive contents or in any case contrary to the purposes stated in the CoMETA's Code of Conduct, the company reserves the right to delete them, or to keep them for possible protection of a right in court.

As a consequence, the data will be mainly processed by electronic and telematic means, but it is not excluded that they may also be processed in paper format due to the need to carefully follow up the stated purposes.

The insertion of information in the "form" is optional, however, failure to provide the data indicated above with an asterisk (*) will not allow the Data Controller to carry out any processing operation and to carry out the aforementioned purposes. Therefore, in this circumstance it will be impossible to acquire the information and, consequently, to comply with your requests.

The data will be processed by Cometa S.p.A.'s data processors and persons in charge of processing and possibly by external companies designated as data processors.
Personal data are never disclosed. The data you have given us may be communicated exclusively to the companies of the Group (e.g.: Talitah s.r.l.), for the exclusive purpose of giving full response to your request.

The Data Protection Manager on behalf of CoMETA S.p.A. is Dr. Davide Candia, who can be reached at .

A complete list of the persons responsible for the processing of personal data can be obtained by requesting it from the aforementioned Data Processor, i.e. the Data Controller CoMETA S.p.A..

For anything not expressly indicated, please refer to the full privacy policy published on the site.