Shopping mall security solutions

Shopping malls, shops and offices are increasing the need of access control systems and entrances with easy access for customers but at the same time anti-burglary top-grade portals too.

CoMETA designs and manufactures security systems for over 30 years and today offers a wide range of solutions:

  • Security Entrances (Revolving Doors, Sliding Doors, Armored Doors)
  • Turnstiles
  • Control Access Gates (High flow Gates)
  • Anti-burglary transparent shutters
  • Emergency Exits (certified for Escape Routes)
  • Anti-Burglary ElectricLocks for Doors / Windows / Showcases / etc.

For jewelery and stores with values ​​(eg. watches) CoMETA offers a wide range of high quality Electriclocks, the ideal solution for protecting showcases of jeweleries and stores.

For sensitive offices/areas access, we offer Security Cabins (automatic or manual) with unique-passage control and metal detectors, which can be integrated with access control systems: badge readers, NFCs, Dallas keys, digital printers, Face Detection.

Products and solutions for Retail sector:

Transparent Security Shutters

Security Portals with interlocking doors

  • Classic Interlocking Security Portals, square base (details >)
  • Cylinder Interlocking Security Portals, round base (details >)
  • Panorama Interlocking Security Portals, ellipse base (details >)
  • Hal Moon Interlocking Security Portals, semi-circular base (details >)
  • Crystal Interlocking Security Portals, armored glass body (details >)

Anti-burglary Portals

  • Biometric Filter, armored portal (details)
  • Swinging-sliding Portal (details >)
  • Sliding doors Portal

Armored Doors