Armored Door Co155

RC4 Armored Door (anti-burglary certification) with 11 closing-points Lock

High security door, with 12 closing points (top class burglarproof 11-points lock + 1-point lock, optional - Co404 model). Galvanized steel structure 4 mm thick, reinforced with an internal iron profiles grid, 25 * 25 mm. RC4 grade anti-burglary certification according to UNI EN 1627.

The perfect values protection solution, for: banking sector, companies, embassies, prisons, airports, museums, shopping malls and houses.

Designed by CoMETA for LTS values protection areas (bank and finance institutes). The Co155 are anti-burglary security doors (resistance class RC4) with built-in mechanical and electromechanical locks, the perfect solution to install for an interlocking doors system.