Panic-room armored zone

Armored zone, refuge and protection

panic room, sicurezza persone, safety, area di protezione rifugio antieffrazione, antirapina, antiterrorismoThe situation is dramatic, burglaries in homes, offices and companies are increasing year by year (in Italy: over 1 million and 400,000 reported theft a year). Adding non-denounced cases, the number would be even higher. Italy is ranked 6th in Europe, there are countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden where the number of thefts is higher.


It is important to organize ourselves and the place we want to protect (home, office, company, warehouse) using professional security solutions. It's crucial to play ahead of time, which means you can install cameras and / or alarms (as support), but what makes a real difference is making the site safer and anti-burglary. The trend of recent years goes in one direction: more and more private people build armor areas in their home/offices for probable attacks.

We need top-grade anti-burglary Locks, armored doors and ... in extreme cases the creation of so-called "Panic Room" (safe areas where the family or employees hide in case of attack or armed robbery).


It's a room, a secret place, or a total security area where you can take refuge in case of malicious intrusion. Thanks to solutions involving modular armored panels - Co170 model product details > (CoMETA SpA is one of the most important manufacturers in Italy), it is possible to make non-invasive installations for homes, offices, companies and warehouses.

A "Panic Room" can be equipped with Face Detection/fingerprint access systems, an internal control panel that can monitor and control Cameras and Locks. In addition, you can install a SOS launch system with a pre-recorded phone call for Police, relatives or emergency numbers, also for health emergencies (you can set up SMS, email, etc.).

The "Panic Room" is, and must be, a safe place for you, your family and your employees.