Co170 Armored Wall

Modular steel panels (RC4 anti-burglary grade) with renforced frame

Co170 Armored wall made of modular steel panels: easy to install, solid, ultra-resistant. Conceived to provide high anti-burglary resistance, there are 4 anti-tear hooks on the frame.

The armored wall, typically intended for the protection of premises where bank values are located (called: "Safe area"), is made up of a modular system of steel panels that flank one to another and fit together during the installation. The Co170 solution has obtained the Grade 2 anti-burglary certification according to UNI EN1143.

Panels are 100% Made in Italy by CoMETA partners, in order to simplify customizations and the installation phase. Each panel has a standard width of 340 mm and fits with the next one for 40 mm depth, which means that once installed, each panel will have a visible/real width of 300 mm.


In correspondence to the ATM casing, modular panels are adapted to the different ATM models. The Co170 panels are also customized to adapt the insertion of armored doors, like CoMETA Co155 model (classified RC4 according to UNI EN1627).


In some cases, in order to make the solution more homogeneous to the surrounding context, the armored wall (on the side visible by clients) is usually covered with masonry or plasterboard wall and then painted with the same color of the surrounding masonry. A choice aimed at making it impossible to distinguish the armored wall from the brick one.

Each panel dimensions: W 340 x D 86 x H 2700 mm, with external steel profiles 3 mm thick and n. 2 internal square profiles 2 mm thick. Each panel is reinforced by 4 internal tear-proof rods.

Frames designed to create a “U” shape joint with 3 mm thick protection profiles (for the total height of the panel). The “U” shape joint is 40 mm deep (one panel overlaps the next one). Each Panel has 4 equidistant tear-proof rods to be inserted into 4 holes located in the next panel back side creating a solid interlocked system. Each panel is assembled using continuos wire welding for the frame and spot welding for the cladding sheets.

Additional anchorages, on the floor: 6 mm thick “U” shape rail profile. The rail profile is fixed to the floor by chemical anchoring. Upper anchorage: 6 mm thick “U” shape rail profile, fixed to the main frame or ceiling with screws (not visible) to be screwed inside the “U”.