Biometric Systems

Fingerprints acquisition & Face detection systems

sistemi acquisizione dati biometrici, impronte digitali, fingerprints acquisition, face detection systems

A biometric recognition system is a particular type of people identification electronic system based on one or more biological and / or behavioral characteristics (biometrics) comparing them with previously acquired data (recorded in the system database). In English, also called AIDC = Automatic Identification and Data Capture. These data are captured and recorded through various innovative electronic readers:

  • Fingerprints
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Iris color and size
  • Retina
  • Hand palm
  • Face's physiognomy
  • Voice
  • Writing

For many years, CoMETA has developed innovative security systems that involve the acquisition of biometric data, in particular, CoMETA has created:

  • Biobank Co720 + Fake Fingerprint Detection product details >
    (fingerprint readings and false fingerprint recognition)
  • Face Detection Co720 + Antimasking product details >
    (facial data acquisition and masking detection)

Both systems can be installed on Security Cabins, Interlocking Doors Portals, Security Revolving Doors, and so on. They had great success not only in the banking field, but also at: datacenters, congress centers, stadiums, sports centers, penitentiaries, embassies, companies, airports (used for access control to restricted access areas).