It represents a secure, legal and effective solution. Ideal to protect any kind of access to strategic areas.


The user is guided by voice synthesis messages along the transit through the two interlocked doors. The video recording starts automatically when the user steps into the interlocking security portal for a customizable time-lapse. The video system is able to acquire facial biometric data ( recognizable / not recognizable face ). If user has a recognizable face, he gets the confirmation to complete the transit, otherwise the system denies the second door’s opening. An integrated monitor located close to the internal door allows the visualization of acquired image.

Access is authorized only if face parameters meet programmed threshold, determined by facial-data detection. Access is not authorized for all people who wear: hats, sunglasses, balaclava, etc. Videos are stored and remain accessible and downlodable (on local HardDisk or DVDs) for 7 days.

The ideal Face Detection system installation is within the two interlocking doors, and its goal is to prevent the transit to people with not recognizable face. The system works efficiently when is installed on Security Portals, Revolving Doors or Security Gates and it is more effective if the security solution is equipped with a unique passage control system.