Interlocking door systems

Top security solutions with interlocking doors

sistema porte interbloccate, interlocking doors security portalThanks to a wide range of access control solutions, CoMETA has been at the forefront in designing and manufacturing of interlocking door systems for years. The Interlocking Doors System guarantees a very high security level because the second door opens only when the first door is already closed and the person in transit has got a permission to pass through (checked by control systems like badge, fingerprint, metal detector, etc.).

The interlocking system may concern:

  • 2 doors with manual opening
  • 2 doors with automatic opening -> access with RFID or NFC badges
  • 2 doors with automatic opening -> fingerprint access
  • 2 doors with automatic opening -> access with facial recognition
  • 1st and 2nd sliding-doors
  • 1st and 2nd swinging-sliding doors
  • A mixed solution with different kind of doors
  • 1st armored sliding door + 2nd sliding door (both with automatic opening)

The interlocking system purpose is to have a controlled entrance/exit flow (checking all the persons in transit toward/from a strategic place). CoMETA has been designing and building interlocking systems for decades and has installed a wide range of solutions (often tailored to specific customer needs).

Each "interlocked system" has a wide range of components, including:

  • Central Management Unit
  • Command console with interphone system
  • Anti-burglary Electric Locks for internal and external doors
  • IR active sensors, inside and outside the interlocked area
  • Emergency button
  • Traffic lights panels (external sides)
  • Traffic lights panels (internal sides)
  • Ect.