About us

Customer care

Thanks to over 30 years of experience in security systems designing and manufacturing for the largest banking institutes in Italy and Europe, we have consolidated a very high professional level, for complex projects management too.

CoMETA is constantly committed to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction, tailoring very customized solutions (tailor-made).

Collaborating with the customer is for us an integral part of the project, offering the opportunity to propose real solutions by solving any critical issues in the customer's security system. In addition, CoMETA offers the best service and maintenance support on the market with specialized technicians and engineers who respond promptly to urgent requests and interventions.

We promptly respond to custom design needs.


The main goal for CoMETA has always been delivering "high quality solutions" that offer total guarantee both in terms of Security (values protection) and Safety (people protection).

CoMETA S.p.A. has different technical divisions in which "Research and Development" activities are carried out. They are all focused to respond promptly to the ever-evolving market needs.

  • CoMETA Engineering Dept.
  • CoMETA Interlocking Security Portals Dept.
  • CoMETA Security Gates Dept.
  • CoMETA Security Locks Dept.
  • CoMETA Mechatronics Dept.

Departments composed of engineers, designers and specialist technicians who work daily in synergy to develop innovative solutions with top reliability.

We invest in R&D, annually, more than 3% of our group turnover.

The CoMETA mission shared by all employees and co-workers is:

Bringing gaps in the market through the creation of efficient products with high performance. To be the market benchmark for quality and reliability.

The vision that makes CoMETA a company projected toward the future:

To develop products and solutions with the highest degree of security and reliability on the world market.