Self-Banking Area

ATM area, security solutions for clients safety

self banking area solutions systems atm

CoMETA has been in the forefront of designing and manufacturing systems for managing and controlling self banking areas for years.

The self area (ATM area) is dedicated to operations carried out by customers, each agency can be organized differently, sometimes placed on the street (A) but more often placed in a special place with secure access (B).

In case "B" where the self banking area is in a specially designed room, there are two entrances/exits, one for access to the ATMs and the other for entry into the bank branch. CoMETA produces high quality and efficiency systems that allow access control with interlocking doors mode while at the same time ensuring the safety of customers using cash dispensers / ATMs.

CoMETA solution Components (for many kinds of Self-Banking system):

  • Interlocking Doors System (Sliding doors, Manual doors, Swinging-sliding Portal, etc.)
  • Central Unit for system management
  • Loudspeaker and Speech Synthesis System (multilanguage)
  • ATM / credit card reader with chip card
  • Electric Lock for external door Lock/Unlock
  • IR sensor for person presence detection
  • Emergency call button
  • Time-renewal button
  • Door unlocking button
  • Portal's management Console

CoMETA systems offer solutions that make access control simple, safe and reliable. Each system can also be combined with other solutions and customized.