Biometric Filter

Armored Portal, perfect solution for access control system for protected areas

Security Biometric Filter Portal

It has been designed by CoMETA Group (Tonali) to grant a high level of security and a high level of safety. Its special structure has been conceived to resist against burglar attacks and, at the same time, thanks to the anti-panic push bar installed on the external door, to grant an escape route in case of emergency.

BIOMETRIC FILTER Portal is suitable to protect vault rooms like in bank branches, post offices, surveillance institutes, supermarkets, etc. and high restricted areas like airports control towers, data center rooms, etc.

  • In entrance, access is provided with the sequence of PIN code or badge, single presence control (with weight cells or volumetric control according to the model) and biometric data verification
  • In exit, it is possible to control single presence and biometric data.