From today also the Self-managed Revolving Door with RC4 burglar-proof grade

Design meets safety

CoMETA's self-managed and elegantly designed rotating security doors are now also available in certified versions with RC4 burglar-proof grade.

Together with access control systems with unique passage and anti queuing, this model proves to be even more effective for environments of excellence, with high flow of people such as airports, luxury boutiques, grand hotels, banks, data centres, congress centres, museums, companies, sports centres and any other environment that wishes to maintain security in a perfect combination with elegance.

Alongside the Co146.NB version, which has a reinforced structure thanks to steel panels with ballistic resistance grade FB4 according to EN 1522, it is now possible to request the versions:

  • Co146.ND, reinforced sides and electric locks
  • Co146.NE, Addition of FB4 interior and exterior panels

Respectively available with a diameter of 180 or 230 cm.

Like all the other models of Rotating Door, these are also without base, which can be installed directly on the existing floor.

CoMETA Rotating Doors are an excellent solution for access control for companies, industry, congress centres, museums, airports, hotels, etc., also for areas with limited/conditioned access thanks to the integration of readers-badges, fingerprint control or other types of biometric control, optional, mounted on the external side or on an additional column.

By also integrating the CoMETA devices for Covid-19 prevention, such as the body temperature detection system, the mask use verification system, the limitation of access to the maximum number of people allowed, CO146 and Co147 are excellent for complete access control.

Certificazione RC4 - Co146 Revolving door

Co146 Revolving door