Revolving door Co146.N

Security rotating door, self-managed, round shape without base, removable structure

Revolving Door Co146.NA/.NB/.ND/.NE without doors

Automated High Security Revolving Door for simultaneous bi-directional traffic. It allows for users to enter and leave the building at the same time. Equipped with single person passage checking system, it also controls the single passage on each turnstile segment. Door without base floor, equipped with three or four wings turnstile. Ideal door for: airports, companies, datacenters, meeting centers, museums, sport centers and areas where access control is mandatory.

Removable structure. Totally self-managed, it automatically detects the incoming person or in transit and it manages the voice commands (during different phases of transit). Without Metal Detector and without access doors. Access control systems such as badge readers, RFid, NFC, fingerprint acquisition can be added (mounted on external side or column). Glass with anti-burglary and bulletproof high grades.

Available models:

  • Co146.160.NA/.NB*: Ø 1600 x H 2325 mm | Passage: W 660 x H 2090 mm
  • Co146.180.NA/.NB/.ND/.NE*: Ø 1800 x H 2325 mm | Passage: W 750 x H 2090 mm
  • Co146.230.NA/.NB/.ND/.NE*: Ø 2300 x H 2325 mm | Passage: W 1050 x H 2090 mm

*NA: steel standard structure; NB: reinforced structure with bulletproof resistance steel (FB4 grade certification). Models Ø 1600 and Ø 2300 are created on request/project; ND: RC4 certified version with reinforced sides and electric locks; NE: RC4 certified version reinforced with ballistic steel on both sides, external and internal.

Anti-Tailgating & Anti-Piggybacking professional Systems

  • Tailgating detection system: access allowed only to authorized persons (detection of who is following the authorizated person, in this case the turnstile will let pass the authorized person, then it will stops and, turning back, it will let get the unauthorized person out through the entrance)
  • Piggybacking detection system: access allowed to only one person at a time (on each turnstile partition), this means that the system detects the presence of two people even if one takes in arms the other

Tailgating and Piggybacking detection systems

Product features

  • Without door (both sides)
  • Floor base: 0 cm (without base)
  • Removable structure: installed on site, directly on the existing floor
  • Without metal detector
  • Self-managed: entry / exit management functions, access control, single passage checking system
  • Person presence checking system with volumetric sensors
  • Anti-taigating system: unauthorized people transit detection on each turnstile segment
  • Anti-piggybacking system: two people detection, even if one takes in arms the other
  • Portal management unit/console with program functions and LCD display
  • Traffic light panels with intercom
  • Multilingual voice messages
  • Interfacing to access control systems / presence detection systems (RS485)
  • Integration with badge readers or fingerprints acquisition systems (optional)
  • Interior lighting: lights LED strips
  • Turnstile: three wings on Ø1600, Ø1800, four wings on Ø1800, Ø2300
  • Emergency system: automatic unlocking system
  • Mechanical lock for additional locking during the night-times
  • Anti-drilling armored defender for key cylinder protection (optional)
  • Reinforced steel structure with additional FB4 panels: on Co146.NB version
  • Rain cover: honeycomb PVC cover cap panel, UV resistant
  • Reinforced upper cover: steel panel for cap protection (optional)
  • Weight: from 850 Kg to 1350 Kg depending on accessories and model

Options and accessories

On request, various types of customization are available, CoMETA is able to respond promptly to the needs of customer and even developping specific tailor-made projects.

The custom requests for Co146:

  • Reinforced structure with bulletproof resistance steel (FB4 grade certification)
  • Turnstile with 4 wings for Ø1800 mm and Ø2300 mm versions
  • Access Control systems (RFID reader, fingerprint acquisition system)
  • Finishing with special colors
  • Glass with a higher thickness, to increase solidity and anti-burglary level:

- Structure glass: 30/31 mm thick, BR4 bulletproof certification