Emergency Exits

Anti-burglary Security Doors with CE certification for "escape routes"

Emergency exit solutions implemented by CoMETA allow to control doors (locking or delaying the opening) for escape routes, maintaining law requirements, with the addition of CE certification EN14351-1.

Solutions include a programmable microprocessor electronic control unit and a locking electromagnet, which allow the door to be used as entrance / exit for authorized personnel and disabled people (with wheelchairs), as well as anti-burglary armored door to prevent fraudulent passage to protected areas.

emergency exit solutions escape route management systemsEmergency System: the system always guarantees the escape routes management (exit from the premises in case of emergency), both in absence of power supply and in case of long periods of inactivity, thanks to specially designed components such as the electromagnet equipped with electronic components that cancel the residual magnetism (the door can be opened easily even if closed for a very long period).

According to the needs of customer, CoMETA offers both standard systems and tailor-made solutions (to meet particular needs). Emergency systems consist of several elements, among the most used:

Thanks to new Co404N and Co306 professional Locks, with 3 closing points, CoMETA emergency doors achieved the 7 grade, top level anti-burglary certification according UNI EN 12209.