Anti-skimming Systems

ATM and gate security systems

CoMETA produces two different types of anti-skimming system (anti-cloning card + anti cash-trapping):

  1. Anti-skimming solution for ATM: 6 optoelectronic active sensors inserted on ATM card insertion slot. Burglar-proof sensors: tamper opening-/removal-proof, position sensors with 1mm variation sensitivity. Professional anti-cloning system + anti cash-trapping system (at the ATM money dispenser).
  2. Anti-skimming solution for Entrances: a CoMETA device installed on access doors, for card reading (usually used for controlled access to ATM Self-banking Areas).

Both systems allow professional protection of ATM machines and gates, they block any type of break-in or system modification by criminals. In addition, CoMETA systems:

  • Can send alarm signals automatically
  • Can send SMS alarms
  • Can record every single event
  • Can be integrated with Web Servers
  • Can be controlled / monitored remotely (via Intranet / Extranet)