CoX953.33 Antiskimming System on ATMs

Control unit with 6 anti-tampering ATM detection contacts

CoX953 Antiskimming Control Unit, is a access control system with the additional Antiskimmer module designed to protect ATM machines against tampering actions, cash-trapping systems or skimming systems (criminals use these kind of systems for trapping the cash in transit, detecting acces data or cloning credit/debit cards).

The CoX953 is equipped with 6 optoelectronic active sensors inserted on ATM card insertion slot. Burglar-proof sensors: tamper opening-/removal-proof, position sensors with 1mm variation sensitivity. Professional anti-cloning system + anti cash-trapping system (at the ATM money dispenser). The CoX953 can send alerts or can be directly linked to the Alarm Control Unit.

Options and accessories

  • Version for 2 or 4 channels
  • Accessories cabinet