Co613 Emergency Exit Console

Table console with intercom, control of one emergency exit

Co613.A12 tabel console with intercom. Created specifically for controlling one emergency exit.


  1. 3-position key for operating modes: "OFF" (console disabled), "ON" (console enabled), "EMERGENCY" (the door is kept unlocked, Led-lights indicate the system status)
  2. Power Led: if on, the system is powered by 220-230Vac
  3. Low battery Led: if on, the battery is low
  4. Door control button: if pressed, it starts the emergency opening procedure; the indicator Led-light indicates the door status: in unlocking timing status or emergency button broken (flashing signal), unlocked door status (fixed signal on), closed door status (signal off)
  5. Buzzer activated when: a call is made from the door-phone; a door delayed opening procedure is on; when the exit is kept unlocked
  6. Console phone: allows communication with the external call point (intercom)

Dimensions: W 230mm x D 100mm x H 120mm