CoS112 Central Unit with electromagnet

All-in-one solution: central unit with built-in professional electromagnet

CoS112 All-in-one solution: Control Unit with built-in high quality electromagnet. Solution specifically designed to meet management requirements of professional Emergency Exit Doors. Includes: microprocessor electronic control unit, electromagnet, backup battery.

Equipped with optical / acoustic status indication, the CoS112 is supplied with pre-assembled self-contained insulated plate on counterplate, stainless steel cover casing and Selv power supply. The system is equipped with USB input to simplify software customization.

HIGH QUALITY (Made in italy)

We realize high quality electromagnets, because:

  • CoMETA chooses grain oriented iron, with high magnetic permeability, very low hysteresis
  • CoMETA creates an internal insulation to eliminate the Foucault currents
  • CoMETA incorporates the plate sensor resting, to verify the door closing through the magnet
  • CoMETA inserts an anti-magnetization electronic circuit, to guarantee even more the absence of residual magnetism (double safety)
  • CoMETA treats galvanically all the surfaces to make a stainless product
  • CoMETA tests each product lot characteristics with performance measurements

Product features

  • Holding force: adjustable from 500 to 600 Kg
  • Dimensions: W 222,5 x D 131 x H 114 mm (complete)
  • Container material: stainless steel
  • Surface treatment: galvanic antioxidant
  • Type of electrical connection: terminal board
  • Working temperature: from -0 ° C to + 50 ° C

Options and accessories

  • Available with RS485 interface or Echelon
  • Custom software
  • Custom language