Night robbery at home of Ex Italian Premier Ciriaco De Mita

Terror at night: criminals get in Villa, threaten and steal gold and cash

A night of terror that Ex Premier of Italian Government Ciriaco De Mita and his wife suffered on May 28, 2018. According to the police reconstruction, four thieves have put out of order the Villa perimeter alarm systems. The House guardian, who lives in a small house inside the Villa garden has not noticed anything.

The criminals, after having forced the entrance door around 3.30 am, they got in house and surprised the De Mita spouses in their bedroom, then they forced the Ex Premier to open the safe and, after having stolen jewels, necklaces and cash, they escaped.

The De Mita spouses, shocked by the incident, told the whole story to the Carabinieri, remembering that robbers were wearing gloves and their faces were covered. The military, reconstructing the facts and analyzing the video surveillance cameras have confirmed the testimony, the thieves were not recognizable because they wore gloves and balaclavas for the whole operation.

Another italian political figure targeted in the same period was the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, whose house, in the Brera area, was attacked on the weekend 19-20 May. The criminal operation was carried out with a raw technique: thieves used a crowbar to enter and they stolen an antique watch, some golds and personal items in a rush.

More and more robberies in homes / shops / companies

Data are unbelieveble, robberies grow year by year. Criminals organize themselves, they have more and more often a clear plan to be followed, so as to strike quickly and smoothly.

Criminals' primary goals are:

  1. Stop the alarm systems
  2. Enter / force weak points
  3. Hit with speed to exclude police intervention
  4. Strike accurately (with an organized plan)

What to do? Which solutions to adopt?

Many have already chosen to adopt alarm systems (acoustic alarms) or hi-tech cameras, but... are we really sure that alarms and cameras can protect us? We need alarms and cameras, yes, but they are additional elements to add to those we can define primary/fundamental, ie those related to concept of physical security!

Physical security is essential

In most of cases criminals are able to get in forcing the most common accesses: doors, shutters, windows. So, we need to enhance these accesses and make them burglar-proof. Important: criminals do not break through the walls, in general for two simple reasons: it takes a long time and causes a lot of noise.

What do we learn from their modus operandi? If their criminal strenght hangs in front of walls, and obviously we can not isolate ourselves in a house / company without doors and windows, logic leads us to say that we must protect ourselves with solutions that propose a similar security level to the walls one. We must build around us a really burglar-proof security: certified and tested armored doors, armored emergency exits, antiburglary shutters, portals with interlocking doors system, maybe portals with multiple access control (eg classic key, pin / password / fingerprint or iris eye recogniction, etc.).

In the specific case of De Mita family, criminals wouldn't have been able to easily force the home door if door have had an armored structure with strong mechanical locks. Also, trying to force the door, criminals would have caused a lot of noise, awakening the spouses and certainly also the house guardian.

Strategic solution: to push criminals to spend a lot of time in forcing access, in order to allow a more probable intervention by internal people or externally (neighbors, police or owners thanks to remote control units).

The same thing, if criminals attack companies or warehouses during the night, when nobody is working in. Even if criminals put alarms and cameras out of order (as it often happens), if you have a real burglar-proof door with remote control of its status, you have a door real time monitoring and an automatic alarm would be triggered by sending SMS, e-mail and pre-registered phone call toward the right people, including the Police.

News source: TGcom24