Electric Lock Co108 NC

Professional Lock with rotating strike plate, locked when not powered

Electric security lock (N.C. Normally closed) with rotating strike plate and electro-magnetic lock. Stainless steel face plate, strike plate and case. Equipped with door and locking mechanism position sensors. Opening and closing operations may be electrically controlled or manually through a european profile cylinder UNI9570. Fail secure lock, closed when not powered.

The 12 V version consumes 0.7A, the 24 V version consumes 0.45A. The lock is continuously rated. It can make up to 300 cycles per minute and over two million opening-closing cycles without any kind of maintenance. It operates horizontally.

Available models: mortise mount. Recommended for doors, windows and access control systems. A basic access control system can be produced by connecting to the Co 273.00 unit.