CoH100 Motorized Door Closer

Motorized Door closer, remotely controlled, ideal for traditional and special doors

The CoH100 Door Closer is a professional motorized device with remotely controlled, it easily manages the automatic closing of a door. It has been designed by CoMETA with the aim of creating a door closer that can be controlled via PC or Remote Console and can be used on any type of door: traditional and special (emergency exits, fire doors and smoke protection doors).

CoH100 is installed both on single-leaf doors and double-leaf doors, as well as on doors with 90° opening angle up to 180° ones.

The CoH100 door closer features:

  • Motorized mechanism
  • Closing Timer: adjustable
  • Closing force: adjustable
  • Real-time monitoring (door leaves)
  • Remote Control by PC/Console/Tablet
  • Mechanism From 0° to 170° (free movement, comes into action from an opening angle from 0° to 170°)
  • Safety: adjustable friction gear motor (does not create reverse force when people pass through door)
  • Smooth & Easy function (delicate door movement)
  • Designed for both single-leaf and double-leaf door (you need 2 Door Closers)
  • For emergency exits and fireproof / smoke protection doors
  • For max 300 Kg Door leaf (max dim.: W 1500 x H 2520 mm)
  • Barrier-free building solution

The CoH100 door closer has been designed with special features to allow automatic and motorised management of special and very heavy doors: armoured doors, emergency exits, fire doors, smoke protection doors, etc.).

  • Weight: 8 Kg
  • Dimensions: W 440 x D 155 x H 150 mm
  • Mechanical clutch: adjustable with screw
  • Operating Temperature: 0°- 50° C
  • Central Unit: CoMETA Co526-P
  • Rated voltage: 115 ÷ 230 Vac
  • Input Current: <3.3 A @115 Vac; >2.2 A @230 Vac