Co855 Anti-skimming / anti-cloning

Card reader with anti-skimming / anti-cloning control system

Co855 Card reader with anti-skimming / anti-cloning control system. Real-time monitoring for secure access control when using a card to access a banking branch or a protected area. Co855 series, family of professional readers for credit/debit cards (with magnetic stripe and/or chip) equipped with anti-skimming system (against card cloning activities).

Co855 readers are equipped with a backlit graphic display for displaying messages and a traffic light bar. The card insertion line is illuminated for easy localization even in situations of low ambient light. The built-in special proximity sensors can easily detect any tampering activity or installation of card data abusive interception system (second generation of skimmers).

In addition, each Co855 can be connected to the control unit via the RS485 serial interface, which allows real-time 24h/24 monitoring of device status and security.

Seismic sensor: optional sensor with adjustable sensitivity inclination can be mounted, it allows the signaling of a possible reader overturning (tamper alarm).

Further optional security features are: connection to the wired control unit, "stand alone" activity (for which the additional I/O interface Co85007SP001 is also required), presence of a first-entry key and the anti-tampering system, which allows the reader to be disassembled only by personnel equipped with Kit Co855SP01.