Co837 Traffic Light Panel without intercom

Embossed Traffic Light Panel, recessed version, without intercom

Co837 Traffic Light Panel, without intercom, with green and red lights and ultra-resistant call button. Structure in ABS material. Finishing: black or metallized grey. Installation: mono-block, vertical doorframes.

Versions available:

  • Co837.100: W 55 mm x D 32,5 mm x H 200 mm
  • Co837.120: W 55 mm x D 32,5 mm x H 245 mm with electronic key
  • Co837.300: W 55 mm x D 32,5 mm x H 290 mm with proximity reader (RFid)
  • Co837.500: W 55 mm x D 32,5 mm x H 245 mm with camera

CoMETA devices are the answer to the needs of access control solution. All our models are characterized by innovative design, easy integration in many contexts, durable performance, compact size, easy assembly, clear signals in any environmental condition.

  • Material: ABS
  • Finishing: black or galvanized (metallized)
  • Simply integration in all context
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy installation
  • Clear signaling in all climatic situation
  • Power supply: 12-24V
  • Push-button

  • Key selector
  • Transponder
  • Video Camera
  • Microphone and speaker not amplified
  • Vandal-proof call button
  • Microphone and speaker isolated and connected on auxiliary connector
  • Electronic key inserter