Co182 Security Cashier Drawers

Values protection drawers with Time Lock & Time Delay

The CoMETA Electronic Cashier Drawers is the result of extensive research into customer and market requirements: high security interlocked drawers. This has produced a technologically advanced product that is practical, reliable and safely designed.

Cashier Drawers are microprocessor controlled and are totally programmable by the customer, making the equipment extremely flexible and easy to use. Ergonomic design, steel structure. CoMETA designed 2 different versions: Co182.2 with 2 interlocked drawers, an upper drawer where user can put the minimum cash for daily operations, a "safe" lower drawer with delayed opening in which the user can place the excess money in safety. The Co182.3 version has also a third intermediate drawer where user can put personal objects and/or company values.

This type of drawers were created specifically for:

  1. Put money and values in safety
  2. Minimize the damage in case of robbery

Thanks to the "safe" drawer (with delayed opening) in fact, the criminal is pushed to take only the money available in the first drawer without waiting for the opening of the delayed drawer.


  • Drawers are interlocked (can be open only one drawer at a time)
  • The upper drawer has a special "trapdoor" created specifically to easily transfer excess cash to the "safe" drawer, with a simple movement and above all without waiting for the "safe" drawer delayed opening.