Co121E Package & Money Pass Thru Box

Package/items/money Pass Thru Box with steel structure and interlocking doors system

The Package Pass Thru Box / Cash-In-Transit with armored steel structure and interlocking doors system is designed for mortise installation. The ideal solution to transfer items or documents thru the wall.

The easier and faster way to exchange items in safety. A special interlocking mechanism between the internal door (safe side) and external door allows only one leaf to be opened at a time and the door opening is controlled by:

  1. An electronic system with pin/password keyboard
  2. A mechanical high security lock (manual opening with key)

The keyboard allows some features like: enabling / disabling user codes and setting time delays. Co121 Wall Pass thru Box is a safe solution with a very high antiburglary grade.

Standard dimensions: W 540 x D540 x H 740 mm

Two Extra Security Boxes

The Co121E Package Pass Box (Co121.002E version) is equipped with two extra safekeeping drawers (on internal/safe side) with mechanical lock opening/closing. The Boxes are designed for an easier storage of objects and/or documents before or during the transit phases (interlocking system use).

  • Weight: 1000 Kg
  • Power Supply: 12 Vdc - 0.5 A
  • Available with 2 extra security boxes for items storage (Co121.002E version)
  • Painting: RAL scale
  • On request: custom dimensions
  • On request: higher armor grade / steel structure thickness