CP08ST Storage Lock Cabinet

Vertical Storage Cabinet with 8 compartments

CP08-ST Storage Lock Cabinet with mechanical lock, designed with 8 compartments (4 small and 4 medium). It allows users a safe deposit service at the entrance of premises with access control systems toward limited access areas.

Ideal Storage Cabinet to be placed in the corridor or entrance room near Security Portals with Metal Detector (with interlocking doors system). The drawers allows each user to safely deposit his/her objects, each drawer is numbered and is combined with the relative key (also numbered).

Lock-cabinet created for temporary storage of personal effects and values. Intended for entrances or premises of: banking institutes, gyms, sports centers, camps, schools, hotels, exhibitions, companies and any other type of common space.

  • Iron structure
  • Vertical shape
  • 8 compartments / boxes with door
  • 8 mechanical locks with cylinder and key (each cylinder has its own key – no universal key / passpartout)
  • Weight: about 100 Kg
  • Painting and finishing: RAL color scale or Stainless Steel (optional)