Square base (L1050 and L1350), with manual interlocking doors system

Security Cabin Col122 with manual opening and interlocking doors system

Anti-burglary security booth with square base, single person passage checking system and floor abandoned items detection. Manual Portal with interlocking doors system, high security level, created as access control gate for: banks, financial institutes, companies, prisons, datacenters, jewelleries and value protection areas. The second door opens only if control systems give positive result.

Voice commands for user during the transit phases, it automatically detects objects left on the floor. It can be enriched with metal detector and access control systems such as badge readers, RFID, NFC, fingerprinting and / or facial biometric data detectors.

Available models:

  • CoI122.701: W 1150 x D 1150 x H 2300mm | Passage: W 700 x H 2000mm
  • CoI122.901: W 1350 x D 1350 x H 2300mm | Passage: W 900 x H 2000mm