Electric security lock with electromagnetic bolt, (NA) open when not powered, stainless steel face plate and strike plate INOX 40/10, stainless steel case INOX, stainless steel and chromium plated bolt Ø18 x 38,5 mm and stroke 20mm, the bolt is held in the absence of power, an electrical impulse is needed to realease it (lock the door).

Co403 has obtained the Grade 7 anti-burglary certification (top grade) according to EN12209.

Equipped with bolt and cylinder position sensors (*optional) and door open / closed. The lock requires power to lock and will open via spring action when not powered, or may be manually opened through an european profile cylinder UNI 9570 (if powered), momentary or permanent release. The 12V version consumes 0.4A (start up current 2.2A), the 24V version consumes 0.2A (start up current 1.1A). The lock is continuously rated, is capable up to 120 cycles per minute and over two million opening-closing cycles without any maintenance. Specify when ordering whether for horizontal or vertical operation.

Available models : mortise mount either horizontal or vertical, and surface mount. Recommended for emergency exits in general. If equipped with control unit Co 273.20 (*Co 273.22), forms a basic access control system.

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