Emergency Exit Lock Co306

Emergency Exit Lock, with 3 + 1 closing points and automatic relock

Electric Lock with 3 + 1 locking points and automatic mechanical relock (central draught hook), internal sensors for real time monitoring. Designed for emergency exits.

Thanks to the CoMETA Co306 series you don't have to worry about closing the door anymore, the lock closes automatically. This solves the age-old problem of traditional locks: forgetting to close manually (without manual lock) the door is easily opened by thieves.

Co306 is equipped with n. 4 sensors that enable a real-time monitoring of the door (by PC or smartphone). The lock works even without power, can be installed on home, company or office doors, preferably armoured, so as not to lose the effectiveness of the lock certified with the highest level of burglar resistance (grade 7 EN 12209).

Co306 certifications: maximum burglar-proof level, grade 7 according to UNI EN 12209 and UNI EN 1125 (in combination with the anti-panic push bar Co3M3) and prEN 15685.

Product features

  • External opening through the use of a cylinder or handle with electroconditioned control by means of a remote control, electronic key or access control system.
  • Cylindrical bolts of a high level of resistance.
  • Door alignment sensor, release switch of the magneto, internal door opening control sensor, control sensor for opening with cylinder, external door opening control sensor, opening control sensor with bolts.

Certification according to norm:

  • UNI EN 1125 (emergency devices for emergency exits) in combination with an emergency handle CoMETA Co3M2
  • UNI EN 12209 (classified anti-theft Safety Level 7)
  • prEN 15685 (anti burglary standard for multipoint locks)

Options and accessories

  • Versions:
    - built-in
    - wall-mounted
  • Right hand or left hand
  • Lock system
  • Motorized
  • With Anti-panic exit bar Co3M3 model
    - approved
  • With Handle Co3M1 model
    - controlled electric opening


Co306 mounted on "emergency door" with badge reader (access control system)

Co306 mounted on "emergency door" with traffic light panel (intercom integrated)

Co306 real application on door with interlocking system and access control systems

3 closing points lock with Grade 7 antiburglary top level