Electric Lock Co106

Double effect electric security lock, reduced version

Double effect electric security locks with electromagnetic bolt, stainless steel faceplate and strike plate INOX 40/10, chromium plated steel case and bolt Ø 12 x 70mm and stroke 20mm. Equipped with bolt, door and key position sensors. Opening and closing operations may be electrically controlled or manually through a european profile half cylinder UNI 9570 providing the capability of permanent blocking or release, controlled primarily by using a key.

The 12V version consumes 0.7A, the 24V consumes 0.45A. The lock can remain powered indefinately, is capable of up to 120 cycles per minute and over two million cycles (opening-closing) without any maintenance. The lock operates horizontally.

Available models: mortise mount and surface mount. Recommended for interlocking doors with high traffic flow. A basic access control system can be produced by connecting to the Co 273.00 control unit.

Product features

MODEL Co105 Co106 Co107
Mechanic shear strength (non destructive) 12000 N 12000 N 20000 N
Mechanic shear strength (destructive) 13500 N 13500 N 25000 N
No. of bolts 2 2 3
Bolt diameter 12 mm 12 mm 2 x Ø12 + 1 x Ø16 mm
Bolt stroke 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm
Opening/closing speed (complete cycle),
no. cycles in 1 sec.
≥ 7 cycles ≥ 7 cycles ≥ 7 cycles
Nominal voltage 12 Vdc 12 Vdc 12 Vdc
Permanent voltage 100% 100% 100%
Consumption 8 W 8 W 8 W
Locking operation/method electric electric electric
Unlocking operation/method electric electric electric
Manual release control with cylinder yes yes yes
Manual release control with handle no no no
IP Rating IP 509 IP 509 IP 509