CoN730 Keyboard for Lock Control

Security Lock Control Keyboard, for installations on Security Cabinets

Solenoid Bolts Control Keyboard. Built to be installed on Safes and Security Cabinets with Time Lock / Time Delay system.

The CoN730 keyboard allows the complete Safes System management, and thanks to the graphic display (128 x 64mm) the user is guided in all opening and programming operations. The keypad can manage up to 9 locks and 9 standard users and is equipped with a "buzzer" alarm.

It is connected to the Solenoid Bolts/Locks by a serial protocol, allowing easy installation and maintenance. The keyboard can be powered by landline or by 9V lithium battery. Battery powering is guaranteed for about 3 years.

  • For Safes
  • Self-powered (battery)
  • EN1300 certified
  • Event Log
  • 12-key Keyboard
  • Dallas Key reader