Co615 Table Mini-Console

Mini-console with emergency door button

Co615 is a Table-top Console with emergency button, available in two models: one with key resettable emergency button, the other with mushroom-shaped button. In both models, when the button is pressed, the emergency door is automatically unlocked, so that it can be easily opened at the slightest push.

Available models:

  • With key resettable emergency button (resettable with key, 2 contacts). Dimensions: length 160mm, width 90mm, thickness 85mm. Available in 3 versions (colors):
  1. Co615.A11: Console with YELLOW emergency button
  2. Co615.A21: Console with RED emergency button
  3. Co615.A31: Console with GREEN emergency button
  • With self-retaining mushroom-shaped emergency button, manual reset. Dimensions: length 160, width 90mm, thickness 60mm). Available in 1 version:
  1. Co615.A12: Consolle with RED mushroom-shaped button. If pressed, it activates the emergency command, turning it after releasing it will automatically reset.