Co121I Package Pass Thru Box

Package Pass Thru Box with steel structure and interlocking door system

The Package Pass Thru Box with armored steel structure and interlocking doors system is designed for mortise installation. The ideal solution to transfer items or documents thru the wall or armored structures.

The easier and faster way to exchange items in safety. A special interlocking mechanism between the internal door (safe side) and external door allows only one leaf to be opened at a time and the door opening is controlled by:

  1. Interlocking door system (the second door can be open only if the first is closed)
  2. Control Unit for the interlocking system and commands management
  3. Command Panel with intercom (on internal side) + Traffic Light with intercom (on external side)
  4. Professional Electric lock

The interlocking system prevents both doors from opening simultaneously. Armored structure and door closing system make this pass thru box a very high security solution.

Standard dimensions: W 1480 x D 1150 x H 1900 mm
Custom dimensions: custom project, on request

Product features

  • Weight: 1000 Kg
  • Interlocking door system: two interlocked doors (rotating door leaves, 90° opening)
  • Steel structure: 5 mm (bottom and sides), 3 mm (upper side and doors)
  • Glass: bullet proof BR4 grade UNI EN 1063 and burglar proof P8B grade UNI EN 356
  • Operating Temperature: 0° / 50°C
  • Power supply: 230 Vac, 1.8 A, 50 Hz
  • Back-up battery: n. 1 batteria da 12V, 7.2 Ah

Traffic Light on external side

It is a traffic light device with microphone, red light (it is on when the external doors are closed), green light (it is on when the external doors can be opened), and call button (it activates a signal on the internal Command Panel by activating a warning light and the hands-free communication by intercom).

Command panel on internal side

Wall mounted device, equipped with two-way key-operated selector switch (off mode, on mode), "external door unlock" button, "internal door unlock" button, "light on" button, "call" button, hands-free speaker, hands-free microphone.

Box functions

The doors are interlocked, which is why the following procedure must be followed to perform the transfer:

  1. The box functions are active if the key is on "On" (Command Panel, internal side);
  2. The person outside presses the call button on the traffic light (external side);
  3. The internal person enables the hands-free function by pressing the "Call" button (to talk with the external person, if necessary)
  4. The internal person enables the external door opening by pressing the "external door unluck" button;
  5. The outside person opens the external door leaf, inserts the pack inside and he/she closes the door;
  6. The internal person enables the internal door opening by pressing the "internal door unlock" button.

If it is necessary to light up the box interior, push the "Light on" button.

Options and accessories

CoMETA designs custom versions according to customer requirements. We can modify:

  • Custom dimensions
  • Absence/Presence of glass
  • Glass with an higher BR and PB grade of resistance
  • Door shape
  • Presence of special Electric locks
  • Presence of special Control panels and Traffic lights


Command Panel with intercom

Package Pass Thru Box with 2-windows leaves (1 big window + 1 small window)

Package Pass Thru Box with 2-windows leaves (1 big window + 1 small window)

2 different views Box: external view + internal view

Package Pass Thru Box (external view, non-protected side)

Package Pass Thru Box (internal view, protected side)